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Deliver on potential

From high-potential to C-suite and Board level groups and teams, our multi-award-winning team coaches and facilitators work in English and a range of other languages, both in-person and online. No matter the group or goal, we work with rigour and relevance, so you can unlock potential and deliver on success.

Deliver on your team’s potential

When you dig deeper, you can build higher – so expect to dig deep with us to develop your high-performing team. If you’ve ever been on a great team, you’ll know why we think Intact teams are the most satisfying groups to work with; engagement in a team has an immediate and positive impact on both people and outcomes!

As team coaches and group facilitators, we help you tackle live issues and enhance working relationships to release next-level potential through:

  • Experiential, interactive team meetings
  • Team coaching
  • Group facilitation frameworks
Your team may be ready for an intervention or development programme if you are challenged by:
  • Ineffective communication
  • Mis-aligned goals, targets, OKRs and KPIs
  • Fear of failure and lack of resources
  • Low levels of influence and political capital
  • Hiring and retention problems and
  • Individual fatigue or burn-out.

‘Team-building’ through teamwork

Working with a coach facilitator will stimulate your team’s hive mind – with its many different thinking and communication styles. You can encourage a growth mindset, build a shared performance culture, and generate energy for action so your team delivers exceptional results.

We don’t spend a lot of time building rafts or playing with trust falls! We know teams – and especially leadership teams – build deep trust by doing candid, practical and productive work together. Your team will improve its clarity of vision and strategy, mapping of stakeholder landscape and obstacles to execution, and effective tracking of delivery.

To build high-performance teams, our focus is on the mindsets, behaviours and skills of the group:

  • Inclusion and trust (psychometrics and psychological safety)
  • Effective communication and conflict resolution (built around our proprietary C4 Dialogue Navigator® Model)
  • Ideation and innovation (embracing risk and building resilience)
  • Ambition and accountability (peer coaching, feedback and feedforward)

Elevate your team's performance with us through:

Team and Leadership Coaching

Facilitating Offsites and Meetings

C4 Dialogue Navigator®

Theatre-led Learning©

What our clients say:

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