What we do

High performance people are defined less by what they do, and more by how they do it. They need not be very similar at all (for that's how group-think 'echo chambers' are built, and the potential of human diversity is lost). At Dramatic Difference we look beyond the obvious, superficial descriptions of competencies to help develop authentic leadership behaviours at every level of the organisation. Read More...

Leadership & Teamwork[click]

Leadership can and should happen at all levels of an organistion. In the face of constant change, a key to success is personal leadership, resilience, creativity and the ability to communicate skilfully. Organisational leadership defines the culture in which every individual works, so senior executives need to know how to influence and shape that culture. Intact teams need to fully understand and manage their everyday dynamics - whether working face-to-face or virtually.

At Dramatic Difference we genuinely love to make workplace dynamics work for people! We have broad experience and deep commitment to making all these things real and achievable. Our client base crosses industries, hierarchies and geographies as our client testimonials show.

Our interventions are based on careful needs analysis to be effective and cost-effective. Everything is high-touch and human, even in blended interventions that combine live and virtual sessions for coaching, interactive workshops and facilitation. (We are certified and experienced in a huge variety of psychometrics and 360 tools in the context of our Leadership and Teamwork practice and can bring these in as needed).

Communication & Conflict[click]

This is a stand-out skillset for us. From improving executive presence, to effective storytelling. From presentation skills, to media training. From town halls, to one-on-ones. From conflict to collaboration. From endless debate to fruitful dialogue. From sales, negotiation & influencing skills, to managing challenging conversations. From talking to listening. From coaching clinics, to performance management and appraisal. Our focus is on developing high performance behaviours: enabling our clients skilfully to manage thoughts, feelings and actions so that intent and impact are aligned.

Collaboration & Innovation[click]

Creativity, collaboration and innovation are our lifeblood. Our roots are in theatre-making and ensemble performance. Our corporate experience extends across interactive facilitation, agile working and vertical development practices.

There are always ideas in the room. There can be as many different perspectives as there are people. Colliding ideas and perspectives is how collaboration and innovation occur. Fear and apathy are the blockers. We have a range of programmes, tools and techniques to help organisations, teams and leaders learn how to encourage and empower diverse people to listen to each other, and feel inspired (and safe) to speak up, challenge, change and innovate.

Diversity & Inclusion[click]

D&I is a hot topic. Diversity is everywhere within the regional and global organisations we partner with. The challenge is genuine inclusion. We bring practical experience and tools to tackle cross-cultural working practices; enable strength spotting and development; and counter the myriad manifestations of unconscious bias.

From managing virtual meetings, to managing cross-cultural teams. From interviewing and selecting candidates, to customer experience training. From selling across borders, to managing virtual and dispersed teams. Our approach to inclusion is both deeply reflective, and highly practical. Simply put, we focus on how to be inclusive in the face of real-world challenges and human frailties.

Culture & Change[click]

Dramatic Difference is proud to partner with Holos as part of an unusual global faculty. We can mobilise partner-level facilitators and coaches across the globe for every stage from OD consultation and design to coaching and delivery.

The Holos philosophy is that change is easy. We also believe that threat is the change you are not leading. In the face of the megatrends that are rapidly transforming the world, we need outstanding leadership, effective culture and high levels of change adaptiability.

With that we can create organisational and team cultures that drive positive spirals of performance and sustained success, no matter what the future brings. To learn more about the Holos virtual consultancy and our proprietary tools and methodologies, click here www.holoschange.com