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Dramatic Difference/Celium Group Privacy Policy

About This Privacy Policy
Dramatic Difference provides leadership and team development, plus team and individual executive and career coaching. This policy sets out how we will use and share the information that you give us. This policy describes your relationship with Dramatic Difference, and its associated Celium Group companies.

The UK Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) and Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) describes how organisations must collect, handle, process and store personal information. These rules apply regardless of whether data is stored electronically, on paper or on other materials. To comply with the law, personal information must be collected and used fairly, stored safely and not disclosed unlawfully. Although those laws do not apply in Hong Kong and Singapore, where we are based, we endeavor to abide by them as best practice. The relevant principles of the GDPR include that data must:

  1. Be processed fairly and lawfully
  2. Be obtained only for specific, lawful purposes
  3. Be adequate, relevant and not excessive
  4. Be accurate and kept up to date
  5. Not be held for any longer than is necessary
  6. Be processed in accordance with the rights of the data subjects
  7. Be protected in appropriate ways
  8. Not be transferred outside the European Economic Area, unless that country or territory also ensures an adequate level of protection.

We take these responsibilities seriously and seek to manage data protection to protect you and us from data security risks, including:

  1. Breaches of confidentiality. For instance, information being given out inappropriately.
  2. Not ensuring all individuals are free to choose how the company uses data relating to them.
  3. Reputational damage by, for instance hacking that sensitive data.

Who We Are & How To Contact Us
Dramatic Difference is the trading brand of Celium Group Pte Ltd and Celium Group HK Ltd. The data controller is: Katherine Sum – Email:  Telephone: +852 34813473

Who this privacy policy applies to
This policy relates to users of Dramatic Difference, Celium Group Pte Ltd and Celium Group HK Ltd. Processing of your data is required in order to offer you our services. This policy applies to individuals who have shared their data with Dramatic Difference, Celium Group Pte Ltd or Celium Group HK Ltd as a customer, employee, supplier or in any other capacity.

What is data?
The data we collect may include your name, date of birth, address, contact details (including email address and mobile phone number), product and service details, purchase history and data collected as part of any finance transaction or payment (including previous addresses, employment details and bank account details).

What will you use my data for?
We will store and process your data in order to: (i) register you as a new client; (ii) process and deliver the products and services you request, including managing payments, fees and charges, and to collect and recover any money owed to us; (iii) to provide our products and services to you and your organisation, as appropriate – including psychometric profiles, coaching, leadership & team development, and theatre-led learning/C4 services; (iv) to manage our ongoing relationship with you, including notifying you about changes to our ters, products, services, privacy policy, contact details, and to maintain our records; (v) to administer and protect our business and our online presence (including website troubleshooting; (vi) data analysis, testing, system maintenance, support, reporting and hosting of data); (vii) deliver relevant content and promotions to you and measure and understand the effectiveness of our campaigns; use analytics for improvements to our website, products & services, marketing, client service and relationships; (viii) suggest and recommend products or services that may be of interest to you (ix) to send you our best wishes via an e-card at Christmas and Chinese New Year, or invite you to our events.

What will happen if I contact you?
If you contact us we will use your information to send you the information you have requested and updates, offers and other information that we think you will be interested in. We won’t pass on your information to anyone working outside our products, services or projects without your express permission.

What data will be stored?
We will store your personal details, [e.g. Name, email address, information about your job, the company you work for, psychometric information] in order to provide our services to you. We will store details of purchase enquiries, purchases, and related financial information as required.

What data will be shared
We will not share your data with any third parties other than as described here. We will share your information with any regulator or legal body that requests it.

How long will you keep my data?
Your data will be stored only for as long as we continue to provide services to you or the organisation you work for, and for a period of up to 7 years after we stop providing that support, or until you ask us to delete your data, after which time your data will be deleted.

Who can access my data
We will never sell, share or distribute your data to any third party. In any collaboration on projects or products we will retain and manage your data ourselves.

How is my data kept private?
We store your data in a password-protected system accessed only from password-protected equipment.

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