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What is Digital DD?

We love to connect with our clients in person. But with more than 15 years of digital and facilitation coaching experience behind us, we’re no strangers to building connections in cyberspace. In fact, we celebrate virtual and digital for its power to connect our clients all around the world. From Madrid to Melbourne to Mumbai we’ve coached clients, and facilitated interactive learning using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Facetime, Webex, Whatsapp, email and telephone.

Like everyone else, Covid accelerated our leap into virtual, digital and hybrid learning. Despite the restrictions of screen-based facilitation, you can still enjoy our dramatic difference! Our engaging, animated facilitators make extensive use of breakout rooms, intervention coaching, interactive tools and actors on-screen. We deploy technologies such as Gnowbe, Miro, Padlet and Topia, plus gamification and graphic recording. No matter whether we work live in a room or via digital delivery, we bring the same commitment to enjoyable learning with serious application.

In response to client demand, we’re also building self-paced ‘asynchronous’ e-learning modules and deep-dive digital masterclasses on our Learndash platform. You’ll be able to access these directly from the website later this year. And don't worry, we’ll still be harnessing the power of our Theatre-Led Learning approaches and tackling the topics you love to learn.

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