Intercultural competence and inclusive leadership

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Embracing cross-cultural leadership

Our diverse team, immersed in APAC-wide business and life, is familiar with the challenges of regional roles, and collaborating with colleagues across language, cultures and geographies. Across Asia-Pacific, successful leadership and management means inspiring high-performance from virtual and remote teams. Even a regional hub reflects the complexity of more than a dozen APAC countries, plus the interface with global headquarters and other regional entities. But intercultural competence can be trained.

How to be inter-culturally skilled

To demonstrate intercultural competence, you need to:

  • Cultivate curiosity and seek to learn from other cultures.
  • Be aware of cultural biases and stereotypes
  • Recognize the influence of culture on thinking, communication and behavior, and flex in response.
  • Demonstrate empathy by understanding others’ perspectives and feelings.
  • Show respect and sensitivity towards cultural differences, while building a shared high-performing team culture.

Intercultural competence: skillsets and mindsets

Training gives you confidence, as a leader or manager, to unlock the power of inclusion and deliver:

  • More effective communication and collaboration
  • Better ideas and more innovation through deeper insights into global markets
  • Improved problem-solving and decision-making.
  • More aligned action across diverse teams.

Why Choose Us?

If you need to build intercultural competence in your team and business, take advantage of our proven track record working with intercultural teams for the past three decades. Our interactive and engaging methods, emphasise practical application and real-world scenarios:

Facilitating Offsites & Meetings

Executive, Team and Career Coaching

The Diversity Dialogues©

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