Forum Theatre and Improvisation

Think on your feet

We bring the rehearsal room into your meeting room and boardroom, helping you learn to think fast and collaborate creatively. Our workshops are based on practical and enjoyable behavioural observation – our experienced coaches give you lots of rich feedback. The learning really lands because practice makes perfect!

How Forum Theatre builds key skills

Forum theatre is a tried-and-tested learning format that delivers both high engagement and high recall. Our facilitators work with improvisational actors who have years of experience supporting corporate learners.

Our goal is to help you understand human motivation and behaviour – yours and others’.

As you practice, the facilitator will press ‘pause’, ‘play’ and ‘rewind’ to help you:

  • Step into the scene and try out your ideas and approaches.
  • Hear others’ observations and check on audience suggestions.
  • Experiment through critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills
  • Foster empathy, creativity, and social awareness
  • Discuss in small groups and receive individual coaching
  • Ask the actors questions to explore mindset, impact and motivation

Why workplace improvisation is essential

Improvisation is a vital skill in the workplace. It helps you:

  • Think on your feet
  • Experiment with others’ ideas
  • Respond in an agile and resilient way to change
  • Connect and collaborate towards shared goals
  • Develop flexibility in your thinking.

In fact, all conversation is improvisation! No matter how much you prepare for performance conversations or commercial negotiations, your counterparts bring their own ideas and goals. Practising through improvisation improves your skills of deep listening, being open-minded, and building on others’ suggestions to see where they can go.

You can also harness this skill for motivating employees – especially GenZ – who want to know their ideas are being heard.

In a disrupted world, where change and innovation happen fast and constantly, improvisation is a key skill for you as a leader or member of a high-performing team.

What our clients say:

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