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IWD2021: I Choose to Challenge

Which Witch Will YOU Stop Ducking? Last week I saw a wonderful post on Facebook (from @KarlyWhitaker) that read: “Who knows why we were taught to fear the witches,and not

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Don’t feed your troll!

(…or how to stop hating your co-workers) Sometimes it happens like this: you’re merrily going about your work, nothing remarkable has happened, then boom! You read an email from a

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Nihilism, Naïveté and Nostalgia

Are short sellers short-sighted? Are Robin Hood investors right? Should we be worried about shares, futures and our shared future? I have a number of High Net Worth and Financial

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Complex pain, simple pleasures

Just as the Molotov cocktails burned themselves out on the streets of Hong Kong, the Covid-19 virus set the streets alight with fear. Clients put emergency protocols in place, events

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What will the world say about you?

As one year draws to a festive close and a new year opens before us, we wish each other health, happiness, family and fellowship… Those things are on my mind

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Beware! Gingerbread men at work…

How to see your colleagues more clearly, so you can lead and develop them more effectively.   “Sawubona” is a Swahili greeting that means, “I see you”.  I wish every workplace I

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Talk nerdy to me!

How to turn a “geeky expert” into a “people-person”… “That guy may be an expert but he’s not a people-person! Last week he lost us a massive opportunity because he

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Want to boost your resilience?

Top Tips for Dealing with What Work (and life!) Throw Your Way Practising GratitudeI am generally not good at habits. I enjoy variety and spontaneity too much. But most nights

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Building a Bridge from Past to Future

(Is there a better way to navigate through tricky transitions?) I’ve recently returned from the UK, where I dropped my firstborn child – now an adult of 18 years old

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The Butterfly Beyond the Wall

Can we fly into the future today? I am an unabashed Harry Potter fan.  In The Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter suddenly finds that he can no longer run through the

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Y-o-Y – Why, oh why

How can we rethink growth from the Covid crisis?   Year-on-Year Dramatic Difference fell off a bit of a cliff in Q1 2020.  Normally I’d be embarrassed to say that publicly,

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Bare Bones Coaching

How can managers keep coaching quick and simple? There are many clever and complex frameworks for coaching.  A Google search for “Executive Coaching models” yields over 38 million results.  But even the

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Intimacy, Introspection and Inspiration

Coaching through the crisis — what helps? May 4-10 is International Coaching Week.  We’ll be sharing a variety of tools and techniques with you throughout the week. I’ve spent the past

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What does courage mean to you?

When I first studied counseling skills, the course ended with our group of students and teachers going on a weekend retreat. While there we each had to create and share our

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What makes you tick?

Discover your sense of ‘flow’ and avoid ‘running on empty’. Sometimes, when I was a kid, dad would make birthday/Christmas gifts for me in his shed. He trained as an

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A Human Face for a Giant Workplace

Have Millenials and Generation Z got it right? They’re asking for human-scale connection, trust and creativity in their work and workplaces. The challenge is how to provide that in today’s

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New year, new learning

How to see your colleagues more clearly, so you can lead and develop them more effectively.   2018: Walking the talk – new learning for a new year… Do you

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