4 Mar
Posted by Sally Dellow

IWD2021: I Choose to Challenge

Which Witch Will YOU Stop Ducking? Last week I saw a wonderful post on Facebook (from @KarlyWhitaker) that read: “Who knows why we were taught to fear the witches, and not those […]

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17 Feb
Posted by Sally Dellow

Nihilism, Naïveté and Nostalgia

by Sally Dellow Are short sellers short-sighted? Are Robin Hood investors right? Should we be worried about shares, futures and our shared future? I have a number of High Net Worth and […]

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3 Aug
Posted by Sally Dellow

The Butterfly Beyond the Wall

Can we fly into the future today? I am an unabashed Harry Potter fan.  In The Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter suddenly finds that he can no longer run through the wall to […]

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8 May
Posted by Sally Dellow

Y-o-Y – Why, oh why

How can we rethink growth from the Covid crisis? Year-on-Year Dramatic Difference fell off a bit of a cliff in Q1 2020.  Normally I’d be embarrassed to say that publicly, because it would […]

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6 May
Posted by Sally Dellow

Bare Bones Coaching

How can managers keep coaching quick and simple? There are many clever and complex frameworks for coaching.  A Google search for “Executive Coaching models” yields over 38 million results.  But even the best models […]

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5 May
Posted by Sally Dellow

Intimacy, Introspection and Inspiration

Coaching through the crisis — what helps? May 4-10 is International Coaching Week.  We’ll be sharing a variety of tools and techniques with you throughout the week. I’ve spent the past months giving […]

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14 Feb
Posted by Sally Dellow

Complex pain, simple pleasures

Just as the Molotov cocktails burned themselves out on the streets of Hong Kong, the Covid-19 virus set the streets alight with fear. Clients put emergency protocols in place, events postponed, schools […]

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19 Sep
Posted by Sally Dellow

Building a Bridge from Past to Future

(Is there a better way to navigate through tricky transitions?) I’ve recently returned from the UK, where I dropped my firstborn child – now an adult of 18 years old – at […]

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25 Mar
Posted by Sally Dellow

What does courage mean to you?

When I first studied counseling skills, the course ended with our group of students and teachers going on a weekend retreat. While there we each had to create and share our personal coat […]

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27 Feb
Posted by Katherine Sum

Don’t feed your troll!

(…or how to stop hating your co-workers) Sometimes it happens like this: you’re merrily going about your work, nothing remarkable has happened, then boom! You read an email from a co-worker and […]

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11 Feb
Posted by Sally Dellow

How can emotional intelligence help you?

… And so we enter the Chinese New Year of the Pig.  The Year of the Earth Pig, in fact. Kung Hei Fat Choy!  Gong Xie Fa Cai! When I think of the words […]

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24 Dec
Posted by Sally Dellow

What will the world say about you?

As one year draws to a festive close and a new year opens before us, we wish each other health, happiness, family and fellowship… Those things are on my mind as I’ve […]

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21 Oct
Posted by Katherine Sum

What on earth is ‘Theatre-led Learning’?

Innovative approaches to learning & development.   In the first few minutes of a recent ‘Influencing Skills’ workshop, I invited a lady to stand up and tell a short story about her […]

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17 Sep
Posted by Katherine Sum

Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings

A practical approach to better dialogue  “Facts don’t care about your feelings” is a popular meme attributed to Ben Shapiro, the American writer, political commentator, and self-described member of the Intellectual Dark […]

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16 Aug
Posted by Sally Dellow

Take a Moment… Can you give your head a ‘holiday’ at work?

Aren’t summer holidays a marvellous idea? Holidays feel like a chance to “unfold my brain”.  Instead of working in a tight, pressured ball, my head gets aired out — rather like hanging […]

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11 May
Posted by Katherine Sum

The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.

“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it,” said Henry David Thoreau. An understanding of human character strengths can help ensure we spend our lives more wisely […]

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19 Mar
Posted by Sally Dellow

A Human Face for a Giant Workplace

Have Millenials and Generation Z got it right? They’re asking for human-scale connection, trust and creativity in their work and workplaces. The challenge is how to provide that in today’s giant, global […]

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16 Jan
Posted by Sally Dellow

New year, new learning

2018: Walking the talk – new learning for a new year… Do you have a list of things to LEARN this year? Is it a ‘to do’ list full of “off-the-shelf training” […]

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13 Nov
Posted by Sally Dellow

Beware! Gingerbread men at work…

by Sally Dellow How to see your colleagues more clearly, so you can lead and develop them more effectively.   “Sawubona” is a Swahili greeting that means, “I see you”.  I wish […]

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27 Oct
Posted by Katherine Sum

Talk nerdy to me!

by Sean Worrall How to turn a “geeky expert” into a “people-person”… “That guy may be an expert but he’s not a people-person! Last week he lost us a massive opportunity because […]

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3 Oct
Posted by Sally Dellow

Want to boost your resilience?

Top Tips for Dealing with What Work (and life!) Throw Your Way by Sally Dellow Practising Gratitude I am generally not good at habits. I enjoy variety and spontaneity too much. But […]

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6 Sep
Posted by Katherine Sum

What makes you tick?

Discover your sense of ‘flow’ and avoid ‘running on empty’.   Sometimes, when I was a kid, dad would make birthday/Christmas gifts for me in his shed. He trained as an electrical […]

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  • The facilitated exercises very skilfully forced everyone to be introspective and I’ve already started to think about how I can change certain behaviours.

    - Director – Client Account [Property industry]

  • On point, rigorous and thorough. The coaching sessions were personally very valuable. I don’t have anyone in my professional life who can give me honest, meaningful input in this way.

    - Director – Sales [Real Estate MNC]

  • “I have worked with many training partners over the years and, without a doubt, you guys are right up there at the top. I was very impressed with what you put together and how you delivered it, especially given all the moving parts.”

    - Director of L&D – Japan and APAC [Recruitment Industry]

  • “We are all certain that the day brought the team more together and left all of us with deeper mutual insights into each other. We truly believe that your unique creative approach is highly effective. Also, thanks for leaving us with a solid base for taking the results of the day further.”

    - CEO [Consulting Industry]

  • “I particularly enjoyed the positive psychology session and I can see how my life inside and outside of work can benefit from greater use of other strengths. Am more aware now of negative thinking; it was really helpful to get emotional issues out of a team who personally aren’t super-close, without making it feel uncomfortable in any way.”

    - In-house Counsel [Global Bank]

  • “I wanted to send a personal note of thanks to you for all your hard work. It was an informative, thought-provoking and engaging conference. The programme was well thought-out and allowed us to deliver our messages easily. There was a great deal of energy in the room and we were very impressed with the openness and frankness of the discussion.”

    - CEO, Asia-Pacific [Global Bank]

  • “I am busy ‘dancing on a mountain top’ having just accepted the new job we discussed. You really helped me to deal with a period that I found very stressful. It has been a tough choice to leave but I’m clear what I am trading in for and that clarity has made the process much easier.”

    - Head of Strategy – Asia [Multinational Brewer]

  • “I really enjoyed seeing the level of engagement amongst the Associates. It was exactly what I was expecting and hoped for. This week has been quite transformational in Asia through L&D and you have played a key part in making this happen.”

    - APAC Learning & Development Manager [International Law Firm]

  • “Wanted to share this feedback: ‘The course was thought-provoking. I’ve been hearing about collaboration and teamwork for a long time, but never knew what it actually meant. Now I do’.”

    - Executive Director, HR (APAC) [Media Production & Broadcasting]

  • “The team is happy with the session and genuinely looking forward to changing our ways of working. We’re running different structures to ensure collaboration and effectiveness around process and outcomes. We’re starting to get new approaches and ideas. Great stuff!”

    - Regional Business Head & SVP, Greater China [Global Food & Nutrition]

  • “All three D&I forum theatre sessions with you went very well. We are clear on the opportunities to improve and useful lessons have been learned.”

    - Senior Manager LTROD and Regional Academy Lead [Global Bank]

  • “Showed a good appreciation of the corporate environment that female senior executives operate in, offering me practical application to improve my leadership effectiveness. The work we did using actors was excellent. I realised some critical Boardroom behaviours that
    I need to change to be more powerful.”

    - Vice President [Global Card Payments Processor]

  • “Thank you very much for your excellent overall facilitation design and Day One delivery last week. The feedback on your facilitation has been very positive; delegates really liked how you challenged them and pushed them to advance to breakthrough moments!”

    - Head of Talent Management & Diversity [Global Real Estate Consultancy]

  • ‘Thank you for running what we all thought was a great process – you brought real energy, broad perspectives and tangible ‘tools’ for us to apply.”

    - CEO, Global Workplace Solutions (Asia Pacific) [Global Real Estate Consultancy]

  • “As a female from a different culture, I’ve sometimes struggled, but found Sally’s response was very constructive and we developed ideas for me to respond in different ways. She continuously reminded me of the qualities I have and through these coaching sessions, I found myself expressing myself more candidly to colleagues at all levels.”

    - Senior Associate [International Law Firm]

  • “Warm and professional. Very useful and applicable to our work and everyday interactions – given the nature of our team’s work, that’s a huge accomplishment. One of the best training sessions I’ve attended; good that so much of the day was focused on practice.”

    - Director – Healthcare [Global PR Firm]

  • “Excellent” programme rating. I was impressed how you managed to keep a big group engaged. The balance between theory and practical work through roleplay and coaching with the actors was perfect and the best I have experienced from this type of training.”

    - Regional Head, Product Specialist team [Multinational Insurer]

  • “Great to get your ‘external’ perspective on this complex team. You’ve certainly given me a few things to work through. I now see many ways for us to make conflict possible and positive from here on. Awesome work!”

    - Head of Asia/EMEA Events [Global Learning Consultancy]

  • “I have got a lot of good feedback from guys who in my view are already good at presentations and discussion. I think it was great value-add.”

    - Head of Research [Global Investment Bank]

  • “Our coaching was really timely and useful. There’s a lot of pain in the organisation and I’m planning the transition session. I will definitely be using the methodology we devised, and will blatantly borrow your insightful analogies to paint a clear picture! Thanks again for all your help.”

    - Executive Director, Infrastructure Advisory [Global Investment Bank]

  • “A really dynamic and interesting way to work through the issues. The two of you were an amazing team. As a regional leadership team we managed to achieve everything I wanted out of the day, which with the conflicting opinions of the senior management was a minor miracle.”

    - Managing Director – HK, [Global Media Consultancy]

  • “We were truly very pleased with how the session went and got an exceptional response. Based on the feedback I’ve received we fully achieved our objective… So thank you for all.”

    - Group CFO [Global Investment Bank]

  • “Thanks for facilitating our 2.5 days of regional leadership offsite last week. This was the first time we’ve conducted such an event at La Prairie. I really appreciate your direction and guidance throughout this process from design to delivery, it led to an excellent outcome.”

    - Group VP, Asia-Pacific [Luxury Cosmetics Business]

  • “We’re now building our own ‘shorthand’ team language, which makes the dynamic faster and more effective. Still some way to go, but a good start… becoming much more cohesive and honest as a leadership team.”

    - Director HR – North Asia & Japan [Global Real Estate Consultancy]

  • “These quarterly facilitated ExCo sessions with you have been a real eye opener for us. We are all joking about whether we should be doing something or not, or pulling each other up on it. It has certainly made an impact.”

    - Director HR – North Asia & Japan [Global Real Estate Consultancy]

  • “Really feel I’m making progress on leading the team and managing relationships across the organization; these tools will stick with me for life. “

    - Director [International Commercial Bank]

  • “Absolutely amazing insights, holding us accountable, holding up the mirror, pushing us to go where we might be reluctant to go. Doesn’t let people shy away from the tough issues and feedback – and does it in a kind/respectful way. One of the best coaches I’ve seen.“

    - VP HR & Comms (U.S.A) [Pharmaceutical Industry]

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