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Management training and leadership courses

Our leadership courses equip you with the essential skills and knowledge to excel in a dynamic and disrupted world.

Leadership development that enhances leadership skills, fosters collaboration, and drives organisational success requires an agile approach to:

  • Inclusive leadership
  • Building teams and organisations
  • Inspiring change and innovation
  • Leading with emotional intelligence
  • Enabling psychological safety
  • Communication and conflict resolution.

Our approach to Leadership Development

You’ll enjoy our curious diagnostic approach and co-creative design process. We partner to build development journeys, learning workshops, leadership coaching, and facilitation (for leadership team events and offsites). You will experience courses that are relevant and engaging. We design experientially, to stimulate different learning styles, maximise retention of concepts, and generate commitment to action.

Our comprehensive programmes are designed to unlock your full potential as a leader, equipping you with skills, knowledge, and mindsets that drive organisational success.

Our expert facilitators and coaches

You’ll work with leadership development facilitators and coaches who are experienced, brave and agile, helping leaders be lifelong learners. Located from Melbourne to Mumbai and beyond, our global reach is enhanced through a decade-long collaboration with Holos.

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