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Influential Communication Training

At every level of leadership, you can elevate your communication skills, enhance your executive presence and improve your public speaking skill through comprehensive training.

Mastery of communication skills powers impactful and confident communication. With the capacity to engage, explore, resolve conflict and inspire, you are able to build influence in any professional setting.

What is Executive Presence?

Executive presence is a combination of personal gravitas and effective stagecraft.

Your gravitas is a combination of competence, confidence, wisdom and authenticity. When you can access those qualities fluidly and flexibly, you can command a room, engage an audience, and inspire trust in negotiations, meetings, town halls, conferences, Zoom workshops and panels.

It is equally important in bringing deep and focused attention to individual or small group interactions.

How to build self-awareness & state management at work:

When you understand the physiology and psychology of your own habits, preferences and responses, you create behaviour choices from moment to moment. This enhanced ability to notice and manage your state (and respond to your audience’s reactions means you bring the right version of yourself to each situation and audience, including Q&A sessions, improvised presentations and crucial dialogues.

Working with our actor-facilitators you’ll learn to combine gravitas with stagecraft skills, including:

  • Body language: Manage nervousness revealed through posture, gestures, facial expressions and eye contact.
  • Vocal projection: Convey authority and empathy, and captivate your listeners.
  • Structure: Organize your content in a logical and persuasive manner.
  • Adaptation: Shape your presentation, and generate questions, to resonate with different audiences and interests.
  • Storytelling: Craft compelling narratives.
  • Visual aids: Use slides, props and prompts to enhance your message.

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