A conversation compass:
C4 Dialogue Navigator®

We built our proprietary C4 Dialogue Navigator® from rich, real-life experience of workplace communication. C4 stands for Connection, Curiosity, Courage and Clarity. These four compass points help you navigate through any dialogue in any professional or personal situation.

Why should you master the C4 Dialogue Navigator®?

The C4 Dialogue Navigator® help you map your conversation in real time, identifying where you are within a discussion or negotiation. By working with what is spoken and unspoken, you can find alternative routes through the conversation, and navigate around obstacles to a successful outcome.

Weaving live skills practice (roleplay, realplay, fishbowls and forum theatre) of the C4 mindsets and toolkits throughout our facilitation, workshop and development journeys. 

Demonstrations through forum and fishbowl theatre are enhanced by participant practice with intervention coaching. We build mastery so executives can navigate mindfully through any workplace dialogue with any conversation partner.

C4 stands for Connection, Curiosity, Courage and Clarity

C4 Dialogue Navigator® approach that builds essential communication skills. Through interactive modules and practical exercises, this innovative framework helps you:
  • Ensure everyone has an equal voice, to connect diverse perspectives and encourage constructive feedback.
  • Clarify ideas, reach agreements and make informed decisions together
  • Keep negotiations curious, focused, and productive.
  • Enhance listening skills for accuracy and to interpret body language, tone of voice, and other nonverbal cues.
  • Learn strategies to resolve conflicts and address sensitive topics with courage and respect.
  • Acquire effective communication skills for virtual and remote work settings.

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