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What is Theatre-Led Learning? What is C4?

Theatre-Led Learning (TLL) draws on our creative background as theatre-makers, actors, writers and directors. We bring a theatre director’s eye to our workshop designs, and support participants to put theory into practice by applying rehearsal room techniques to workplace learning.

We focus on the ‘HOW’ of human behaviours at work and translate those into practical, experiential, enjoyable skill-building workshops and development journeys. Our aim is to create confident role models for positive workplace behaviour.

The C4 Dialogue Navigator® is our proprietary model developed to teach the skills of effective interpersonal dialogue. From town halls to daily huddles, from collaboration to conflict, from innovation to negotiation – dialogue is the lifeblood of organisations and a key building block of corporate culture. We’ve spent decades training leaders and teams to have more effective dialogues, regardless of topic or titles.

How we work

Working both face-to-face and through our award-winning online designs, theatre-led learning lets participants experiment, adapt and practice. We work with fishbowls and forum theatre, roleplay and realplay, improvisation, presence & presentations, and play-based methodologies (including Lego® Serious Play®). We engage the whole person, and the whole group, in behavioural experimentation for learning that lasts.

Our pioneering Asia-wide team of Actor-Facilitators specialises in intervention coaching and in-the-moment feedback for TLL and C4 work. That means participants feel the learning, as well as understanding cognitively; they don’t just ‘get it’, they learn to ‘do it’. We’ve applied this approach in one-hour virtual workshops and throughout year-long blended development journeys. We’ve worked at C-suite level, with regional leadership teams and with next generation high potentials.

Our diagnosis & design process is deeply curious and highly creative. As a full-service partner, we also work behind the velvet curtains, ensuring 'backstage' logistics and technology run smoothly. Automated nudges, individual/group coaching and action-learning projects help the learning stick.

Explore Theatre-Led Learning & C4 Dialogue Navigator

Fishbowls &
Forum Theatre

Roleplay, Realplay & Improvisation

Executive Presence & Presentation

C4 Dialogue

Do your learners ‘get it’
but struggle to ‘do it’?
Our TLL designers can help...

What our clients say:
Theatre-Led Learning & C4 Dialogue Navigator®

Bring life to learning

Theatre-Led Learning & C4 Dialogue Navigator®

Roleplay: workplace-based scenarios for learning
Realplay: rehearsing genuine characters and situations
Forum theatre: audience discusses and directs the actors in role
Interactive theatre: auditorium-scale and multi-scenario performances with a learning facilitator to structure discussion and learning
 on-the-spot, unscripted practice for thinking on your feet
Intervention coaching: skill-building practice plus feedback in-the-moment 
Scriptwriting: our writers create compelling scenarios, speeches and presentations
Casting & Roleplayers: We have diverse, multi-lingual professional roleplay actors in multiple global locations
Actor-Facilitators: Professional actors who can perform in role and also lead learning

Our C4 Dialogue Navigator® model – Connection, Curiosity, Courage and Clarity – is built on real-life experience of conversations that make a positive difference. C4 masterclasses, mindsets, skillsets and toolkits are woven throughout our coaching, facilitation, workshops and development journeys. ​


  • Regional SLT/MT meetings
  • Team Offsites & Team-building
  • Leadership Development & Training
  • Assessment/Development Centres
  • Train-the-Trainer sessions
  • Masterclass series & Learning journeys

    Skill Workshops:

  • 90-270 minute online workshops
  • Half-day face-to face workshops
  • Full-day/multi-day face-to-face learning labs
  • Multi-session virtual or blended programmes
  • Video/high-tech/asynchronous approaches
  • Authentic leadership
  • Bystander behaviour
  • Coaching skills
  • Collaboration
  • Conflict resolution
    Communication skills
    Crisis management
    Crucial conversations
    Delegation & Accountability
    Effective meetings
    Executive Presence
    Inclusive leadership & teams
    Innovation & Creative thinking
    Intercultural teamwork
    Interview skills
    Media training
    Meeting management
    Performance management
    Presenting & Pitching
    Psychological safety
    Sales & Sales Coaching
    Unconscious bias
    Workplace Wellbeing

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