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We specialise in coaching intact teams, and diverse, intercultural groups. We create space for all voices and help them contribute to each other's growth.

We’ve worked extensively with special cohorts such as global and regional leaders, fast-track female talent, graduate trainees & high-potentials.
As well as 'pure coaching' engagements, we often build team or group coaching into leadership & team development journeys.

Coaching intact teams delivers real impact, facilitating disclosure, dialogue and insights. The team’s goals provide context for honing individual skills, exploring group patterns, addressing blind spots, breaking down blocks to collaboration and releasing potential.

Our team coaches work with live issues and daily dynamics to enhance results through increased inclusion, accountability, positivity and productivity.

The core skills of emotional intelligence, courage, candour and high Interpersonal awareness apply in group coaching.

The deep experience of our coaches shows in the way they foster genuine psychological safety, even in coaching groups who don't know each other or work together.

Group coaching builds a mutually supportive cohort who share diverse perspectives, support each other’s development, and power profound and transformational learning.

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Team & Group Coaching