Roleplay, Realplay & Improvisation

Roleplay, realplay and improv are core to our Theatre-Led learning approach. We write, deliver, cast and coach across a wide array of topics. Our client partners turn to us when they want something fresh, engaging and as close to real life as possible. Asia's leading practitioners in this space, our professional roleplay actors are diverse, skilled and experienced as intervention coaches, to personalise learning and make it workplace relevant


It's a standing joke how many times we've heard "I hate roleplay", only to receive feedback back that "working with the actors was the best part". One of the most familiar Theatre-Led Learning (TLL) tools, roleplay is ‘based on real-life’ but learners step safely into a scenario or character created by our scriptwriters. The framework scenes are written to reflect real behavioural challenges or bring out hot-button issues. We draw on client stakeholder interviews, in-house surveys, focus group feedback, and business/HR stories to frame workplace conversations ranging from client sales meetings to managing under-performance or tackling transformation. Complexity in the brief varies according to the learning objectives.

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Often associated with comedy, improvisation has a very serious application in the workplace. It is really about thinking on your feet, and responding in a connected and agile way to other people’s ideas. It’s about deep listening, being open-minded, accepting ‘offers’ and building on them to see where they can go. This is a key skill in a disrupted world, where change and innovation need to happen fast. It’s essential for collaboration, and for motivating young employees who want to know their ideas are being heard.

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Roleplay, Realplay & Improvisation