Mentoring & Sponsorship programmes

Fostering diverse talent and accelerating the release of individuals’ potential is a competitive advantage.

Well-designed and executed mentoring and sponsorship programmes that engage the organisation's leaders impact positively on talent recruitment, retention, and readiness for succession.

Today’s leaders need to be able to walk the talk to support tomorrow’s leaders. They need to build a culture where excellence thrives, and work plays a positive role in people’s lives.

Mentoring and sponsorship can foster fresh mindsets and skillsets. Beyond tired tropes of ‘top-down’ or ‘reverse’ mentoring, we build a two-way flows for ideas, insight, skill-building and stretch. This breaks down bias and proves we all have something to learn.

We design mentorship and sponsorship programmes from defining programme scope, to pair matching, contracting, check-ins and learning circles.

We incorporate dialogue skill workshops for all parties to ensure they have candid, respectful and productive conversations that go beyond the traditional top-down dissemination of advice and advocacy.

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Mentorship & Sponsorship