Collaboration is key; working together, the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts.

Leadership & Teamwork

Leading change
In the face of constant change, the keys to sustained success are creativity, resilience, personal awareness and the ability to communicate skilfully. These are all characteristics of great leaders – and great leadership needs to be happening at all levels of an organistion in these VUCA times. We work to optimise individual character strengths and develop leaders for diverse, innovative and adaptive teams and businesses.

The ability to cope and thrive with growing leadership scope depends on developing both skillsets (horizontal) and mindsets (vertical). As leaders rise through an organisation, they define the culture in which every individual works, so senior executives need to know how to influence and shape culture intentionally. As heads and members of multiple teams, we need leaders to be able to create and exhibit followership. This means the ability to  fully understand and manage human dynamics – whether working face-to-face or virtually. We specialise in interpersonal interactions and conversational intelligence – and support leaders to reflect, react and reach out in ways that make every conversation count.

Leading teams
At Dramatic Difference we genuinely love to make workplace dynamics work for people! We have broad experience and deep commitment to making inclusive teamwork real and achievable. Our satisfied client base crosses industries, hierarchies and geographies, as our client testimonials show. Whether coaching, facilitating or delivering theatre-led learning interventions, we love to work with intact teams to help them develop their own deep mutual understanding, shorthand language and high performance ways of working. (When that comes together, the team is instantly recognised as a bright spot in the organisation and has what one client recently described to us as “justified swagger”).


Each of our team and leadership interventions is based on careful needs analysis to be effective and cost-effective. Everything is creative, high-touch, human and memorable, even in blended interventions that combine live and virtual sessions for coaching, interactive workshops and facilitation. (We are certified and experienced in a huge variety of psychometrics and 360 tools in the context of our Leadership and Teamwork practice and can bring these in as needed).


Toolkit: Psychometric & 360 Feedback[click]

  • 4-D Systems (for teams)
  • EQi 2.0
  • Firo-B
  • Hogan (HPI, HDS, MVPS, Judgement Report, Leadership 360)
  • Everything DiSC®
  • In and Out of the Box
  • MyersBriggs
  • Performance Climate System (for teams)
  • Profilor
  • Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI)
  • TMI
  • VIA Character Strengths
  • Workplace Big 5
  • Benchmarks 360
  • LEA360

photo credit: Marty Windle