Fishbowls &
Forum Theatre

Practice makes perfect! Workplace habits can be tough to (un)learn. To make sure learners can really 'do it' and not just 'get it', we bring the rehearsal room into the boardroom. Our fishbowls and forum theatre workshops give participants practical, incisive and enjoyable opportunities for behavioural observation, redirecting and personal practice with feedback.

Forum Theatre

A tried-and-tested format for theatre-led learning that delivers both high engagement and high recall. In front of an audience of learners, our facilitators work with a cast of our professional corporate improvisational actors.

The facilitator introduces the session and intervenes at key points in the performance (like a live version of a ‘pause’, ‘play’ and ‘rewind’ button) for:

Are you open to explore
experiential learning?
Let's play with ideas...


Participants watch masterclass demonstrations of tools and techniques in action. Our Actor-Facilitators model before-and-after behaviours so participants understand ‘what good looks like’. We can also involve 1 or 2 (courageous!) volunteer participants for close skills coaching in front of an audience of their peers.

How we design and deliver

We work closely with the HR, L&D and business/function heads within our client organisations to ensure that our scripts are real and relevant, and applicable to the day-to-day experiences of employees and managers in their organisation. Individuals are encouraged to reflect deeply and discuss practical implications for their own manager and team behaviours. The sessions are sufficiently humorous to ensure non-threatening awareness-raising and open, generous peer support. Though psychologically safe, the scenarios are bold and clear, and the facilitation is challenging and on-point for robust learning that stays with participants after the event.

What our clients say:
Fishbowls & Forum Theatre