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We’re always open to brainstorm new and relevant applications for TLL. To date we’ve used TLL for a wide range of topics including:

Authentic leadership
Bystander behaviour
Career conversations
Coaching skills
Constructive Conflict
Communication skills
Crisis management
Crucial conversations
Delegation & accountability
Effective meetings
Executive Presence
Feedback and Feedforward
Horizontal Leadership
Inclusive leadership & teams
Innovation & Creative thinking
Intercultural teamwork
Interview skills
Leadership offsites
Media training
Meeting management
Performance management
Presentation skills
Psychological safety
Team dynamics
Unconscious bias

There’s a global shift towards authenticity, collaboration, communication, design/innovation and inclusion—the core skillsets of a devised theatre troupe. In theatre, we play joyfully with diverse ideas, different characters, experimental behaviours, interpersonal interactions and technical constraints. These form the basis for serious work and excellent performance. We help corporate executives practice the mindsets and skillsets to bring these approaches to life in their team and workplace.

Mastery of the C4 mindset and skillset helps increase effectiveness with any professional (or personal!) dialogue. Examples of Constructive Dialogue include: Conflict resolution, Performance management and Alignment sessions. Creative dialogues could include Leader as coach, Collaboration & innovation, Presentations with Q&A. It also supports more inclusive dialogue in areas such as Team dynamics & psychological safety; Inclusion & belonging; and Workplace wellbeing. C4 also significantly enhances the effectiveness of commercially important conversations such as Negotiations, Stakeholder management and Building sustainable networks.

Our LSP trainers are certified and experienced working with a range of teams from graduate-level talent to organization leadership.  The methodology brings a dynamic, hands-on, kinaesthetic element to thinking, connecting, imagining and problem-solving in teams.  Perfect for in-person sessions we’ve found innovative ways to bring the learning format to virtual sessions. Contact us to find out more.

We have coaches working in Cambodian, Cantonese, Dutch, English, Flemish, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Mandarin, Mongolian, Spanish, Tagalog, Urdu, Vietnamese.

We coach face-to-face in our comfortable private offices, at our client’s, and sometimes in a coffee shop – if that’s what suits our coachee.  For online coaching we work primariy over Zoom, but have experience using Microsfot Teams, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, Webex and more.  We also work over the phone, whatsapp and email as needed.

Our coaches are trained and certified with a range of schools and across a range of techniques. You can find bios in “Our People” on the Dramatic Difference website, or contact if you have additional coaching needs (language, location, background or focus of work). We can send you bios for our suitable coaches, and will support you in a personal matching process.

Check out the footer on our Homepage for a list of many of the psychometrics and other coaching tools that our team members are certified to use. If you have a specific need, we’re happy to work with you to find a Dramatic Difference facilitator/coach to suit, or to get our team certified in your house tools.  We’ve also helped clients create and beta-test a range of bespoke digital tools. Contact to find out more.

As an organization we are industry agnostic, which means that we are open to working with all sectors. However, as a values-led organization, each of our coaches is free to follow their conscience, and draw their own personal red lines tospecify sectors with which they will not work.  As a broad rule, we do not support industries that we deem to be engaged in active social ills (the tobacco industry, for example). We review this policy, and may reconsider if we genuinely believe our work would be in support of positive transformation and harm reduction.

We’ve worked on many strategy sessions, as well as vision-mission-values, team ways-of-working and other kinds of discussion facilitation. We’re always open to a confidential conversation to see whether and how we can help.

Virtual offsites are increasingly common now that flexicble working and workh-from-home is more common. In addition, our specialist focus on APAC, with its huge distances and high cost of travel means that we’ve helped run virtual offsites for many years.  As a middle ground of ‘hybrid’ events begins to happen more, we can also advise and partner on design to reduce frustration and overcome constraints.

The simple answer is YES. Hybrid events and workshops are the hardest to get right. Experienced facilitators make a significant difference, ensuring that neither  ‘roomies’ or the ‘zoomies’ are under-engaged. Key to success are careful design, appropriate activities and clear commitments to ways of working. 

We will have a range of courses in place by the end of 2022. In the meantime, we offer online workshops and digital ‘nudges’/virtual coaching.

Our digital learning specialist is Jason Yew (

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