Facilitation: Leadership & Team Events

We have a feisty but fun approach to facilitation. We’re equally adept online and in-person, deploying a range of tools and approaches in service of your outcomes and goals.

We've designed and run regional leadership strategy sessions and helped set ways of working for new teams. No matter the group or goal, we deliver rigour and relevance but never hold our clients hostage to boredom in a boardroom.

We don’t spend a lot of time on raft-building or trust falls! We believe teams – and especially leadership teams – build deep trust by doing honest and productive work together. So we encourage our clients to do ‘team-building’ by doing teamwork. Whether working with real-life ‘roomies’ or online ‘zoomies’, we cover the what, so what and now what, and design for active engagement, not passive audiences.

We address challenging team dynamics through a focus on inclusion and truth – the foundations of trust, high-performance leadership and aligned teamwork. Our proprietary C4 Dialogue Navigator® is core to our approach, helping diverse team members forge connection, show curiosity, model courage and create clarity.

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