Executive Presence
& Presenting

Developing confidence, gravitas, fluidity and flexibility as a speaker is a vital professional skill. We frequently deploy our actors' stagecraft to empower executives as meeting presenters, conference speakers, Zoom presenters and expert panellists. But we’re not training actors – we’re transferring skills relevant to high-performance business presenting and communication.

What is Executive Presence & Presenting?

We develop your visual, vocal and verbal impact, helping to draw out what makes you compelling and enjoyable as a presenter. We help you distinguish between ‘BIG presence’ (when you are speaking on a stage or in front of a large audience) and ‘small PRESENCE’ (bringing deep and focused attention to an individual or small group interaction).

By understanding the physiology and psychology of your responses, habits and preferences, we help you master them to be your most powerful but authentic self. The ability to notice and manage your state (and respond to your audience’s reactions) gives you choices, so you can bring the right version of you to any audience.

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Executive Presence & Presenting