C4 Dialogue Navigator®

Dialogue is the lifeblood of organisations and a key building block of corporate culture. So much work gets done through conversations: from townhalls to huddles, from collaboration to conflicts, from performance conversations to commercial negotiations.

We help leaders and teams connect, converse, conflict and build deep dialogue skills that transfer to every type of workplace conversation.

What is C4 Dialogue Navigator®?

For decades we’ve coached teams to have crucial dialogues more effectively. We’ve facilitated leadership offsites to help participants talk about what really matters. We’ve studied Conversational Intelligence under Judith E. Glaser. We’ve coached alongside hostage negotiator and IMD Professor, George Kohlrieser. And we've synthesised all these techniques to help leaders create freedom to operate at work.

From rich, real-life experience, we’ve built our proprietary C4 Dialogue Navigator® – Connection, Curiosity, Courage and Clarity. We weave live skills practice (roleplay/realplay) of the C4 mindsets and toolkits throughout our facilitation, workshop and development journeys. Demonstrations through forum and fishbowls are enhanced by participant practice with intervention coaching. We build mastery so executives can navigate mindfully through any workplace dialogue with any conversation partner.

Do you need to master dialogue skills? Then let’s talk...

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