Bespoke & blended development journeys

Development sessions must deliver real value, if senior leaders and their teams are to invest time. We work closely with L&D partners and the business to ensure that both content and approach will spark interest, address real-world challenges, and support post-event application.

Leadership is a subtle balance: art and science; human beings and humans doing. We build a learning space that’s safe for participants to be candid, open and experimental. We support them to make sense of situations, define choices and make decisions. We work with leaders’ strengths – and address their over-use. We help reset sustainable ways of working, and we support experiments to tackle systemic obstacles.

Our clients want to understand context, create choices, behave with autonomy, and work engaged, authentic and inspiring learners and leaders. We frequently deploy our corporate roleplay teams (both online and live) to help them rehearse for real-life. Experiential and interactive sessions mix elements from conversational intelligence (C-IQ), ontology, somatics, positive psychology, action learning, Theatre-Led Learning, Lego® Serious Play®, nudge theory and many others. We design to stimulate different learning styles, encourage brain plasticity, maximise retention of concepts and generate commitment to action.

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Bespoke & Blended Journeys